“Who makes up the Collective?”

Well for starters, a whole lot of people!! Your dues go to ensure that the resources, webinars for ASHA CEUs and the responses to your tough clinical cases are of the highest quality we have in this field.

We have over 100 contributors that have written resources and presented webinars for this site — all of our resources are published with the contributors name on them.

We also have a team of 10 editors (managing editors, content editors, and peer reviewers) that make sure that the content we put out is TOP NOTCH, of the highest quality evidence and research we have available, is the most up to date, and is also clinically relevant. In order to keep our reviewers blinded and unbiased, we keep their names confidential, however Dr. Kate Krival and Dr. Kelly Salmon are our managing editors, and they can vouch for our editors’ and reviewers’ expertise.

We have a team of 30 mentors and moderators that specialize in various aspects of Medical SLP to answer your toughest clinical questions in our Facebook group and on the private app. You can check out a few of their bios here. We are constantly adding new mentors as our membership grows to ensure that members have quick access to responses.

Aaaaand we also have a team of 10 support staff members behind the scenes that operate the day to day on this site which includes a few speech pathologists and some really smart tech gurus that keep this thing from crashing!

The Collective truly is made up of some pretty incredible people who all share the same values – to elevate our colleagues to practice at the top of their license to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

We are #bettertogether