Imagine how much time and frustration you would save if you had immediate access to blind editorial-reviewed medical SLP resources in one centralized location.

What if you had access to a wide range of clinical experts, university professors, and fellow clinicians to help guide you or your students in medical SLP education and clinical assignments.

Textbooks and lesson plans are great foundations, but there is a particular need for more in-depth medical SLP resources paired with community support on many of the specific conditions that we treat.

We KNOW you have a ton to teach but this will allow your students to research various coditions/treatment tools that they are passionate about.

Great news…we've created that EXACT solution! And you can get it for free.

The MedSLP Collective University Program works with your institution to provide a complimentary three-month trial for students when a professor commits to using the Medical SLP Collective as a required resource for their coursework.

After the three-month trial, students can use the student rate to access the membership at a significant discount!

Here's how it works:

University Professors submit an inquiry form to request this special membership access for their class.

Professors will give their students a link to enter their information to request a login for class access.

Access starts on the day requested by the professor for the class automatically.  At the end of three month this access ends.

We also have mentors available to chat with your class virtually (or live in person if they are local to your area) during your special enrollment period.

 Questions about the program? 

Email for assistance.


Watch a video featuring Dr. Catherine Krival, Associate Professor at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania as she discusses how she integrates the MedSLP collective resources into her teaching practice.

I love being able to offer a resource to my students to delve into areas that pique their interest, because oftentimes we only have time to cover the basics in class. It also offers students the ability to look in one place to find quality resources that can then motivate additional exploration of a topic.

For me, this resource provides one location for me to direct students and young professionals where they can quickly and efficiently explore medically-based SLP topics beyond what is offered in the typical graduate school curriculum.”

~Dr. Lori Burkhead Morgan, Assistant Professor at the Medical College of Georgia

“I can't say enough about the resources in the Medical SLP Collective. As a clinical professor who teaches a course called, “SLP in Medical Settings,” the Collective's resources have been invaluable (and incredibly time-saving and convenient) since I constantly update and restructure my course every year to keep it as up to date as possible. The Collective makes it easier for me to be on top of recent translational research, hot topics in Med SLP, professional practice issues, and more. My course is more robust due to the amazing Med SLP Collective, its resources, and its mentors!”

-Liz Martin, MS CCC-SLP

When I was setting up my “additional assignments” for this current year, I could not help but go back to the Med SLP Collective.  I felt that their site would be perfect for my students.  It’s easy to navigate, and has so much pertinent information that seasoned therapists and students alike can “digest”. But most of all, they offer print-offs and “badge buddies” for my students to use during the class and to use when they go off for their externships. 

With the information from the Med SLP Collective, I was able to coordinate my teaching with their material.  The students were able to listen to my lectures and then correlate that with the assignments from the Med SLP Collective.  This allowed for further assimilation of the topics and information we covered in class.  I am a firm believer in the practical application of information and critical thinking tasks – I perform this in each and every class.  The Med SLP Collective gave me an abundance of supplementary information to perform this with ease knowing I am exposing my students to literature and experience-based information.  I will be using the Med SLP Collective for my course next year and many years to come.

~ Kristin Johnson, University of Southern Mississippi