Cancellation and Refund Policy:


Monthly and Annual Subscriptions automatically renew and are paid by your payment method until cancelled.  No refunds are given.

Any cancellations must be received and processed before your billing date, no refunds are given if processed after that date. Refunds are processed between 8-5EST Monday-Friday excluding US holidays.

If you cancel mid-cycle, your membership will not renew at the next billing date. No partial refunds are given.

No refunds are given for the annual plans since it is purchased at a discounted price.

Subscriptions do not adjust when a payment failure is fixed – so it is to your benefit to correct your payment method as soon as possible as the time missed will not be refunded.

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on the monthly subscription, no questions asked. You have full permission to use those 7 days to download as many resources as you want, ask questions for mentor support, and join all of the community discussions you can in one week! If you find that the cost is not feasible, we will refund you your money. As long as you get the support you need, that’s what matters.

*NOTE: While you can watch webinars during this 7-day period, we will not be able to report those ASHA CEUs if you cancel within those 7 days.

Copyright and Sharing Policy:


Sharing of accounts with other speech-language pathologists or distributing resources, handouts, or videos is strictly prohibited. 

Done-for-you inservices and patient handouts may be distributed solely for education purposes.

Sharing of accounts and/or resources will result in an automatic ban from the membership site without a refund.