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Emily Hornback answers all of your questions around effective resume writing and help you land that dream job.

COVID Open Letter to SLPs & Collaborative Work

Introduction:This week's bonus resource is all about how we can help our fellow medical professionals while possibly sitting on the sidelines during COVID-19! The amazing Jackie Danek thoughtfully contributed to this resource with a...

Emergency Telepractice Resource Packet

Introduction:Are you suddenly needing to learn about teletherapy? We're here to help! This week's bonus resource is an emergency telepractice resource packet, offering lists of HIPAA compliant teletherapy platforms, links to...

COVID-19 Advice from the Frontlines (on 3/18/20)

Introduction:We wanted to provide you with some tips and advice from our call we had 2 weeks ago with some of the members that are working the front lines of COVID-19. This is NOT a peer reviewed resource or concrete guidelines, just...

COVID-19 Resource #1: What Do We Know

Introduction:Disclaimer: This resource was compiled at 4:23EST on March 22, 2020. This is important as the situation is very fluid and changing rapidly. This resource was compiled to empower all MedSLP Collective members to be aware...

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