This week’s resource, “Postural Basics for the Medical SLP” is a little different – in a good way!  It’s a video demonstration.

Inside the video, MedSLP Collective mentor Valeria Gary, M.A CCC-SLP will be talking all about the *major* impact posture has on the sub-systems of speech.

Now, it’s one thing to know that posture is important.
(Spoiler alert: it affects laryngeal positioning, resonance, pitch, and more!)

But once you understand *why* posture is so important, you might find yourself asking…

How exactly do I cue my patient to improve their posture?
How do I describe this in my documentation?
What tools can I use to improve my patient’s postural support?

Valeria has teamed up with posture specialist, Dr. Lena Ebron of PEP Physical Therapy, to answer these common questions.

Want to learn how to optimize your patient’s posture…so you can then help improve their speech, voice, and swallow function?

Watch the Video:


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