Over 6,000 Med SLPs Have Transformed Their Practice (and people are noticing)
This is how they did it…

Over 6,000 Med SLPs Have Transformed Their Practice

(and people are noticing)

This is how they did it…

What you get when you join the
MedSLP Collective:

Access to over 100 hours of pre-recorded ASHA CEU webinars
Monthly live webinars (0.2 live ASHA CEUs per webinar)
Monthly live journal club discussions for ASHA CEUs (0.1 ASHA CEU per call)
Weekly support alongside the Diversity Collaboration Committee to ensure your practice is inclusive of cultural considerations
Quarterly Dysphagia Grand Rounds to learn about complex dysphagia case studies.
Entrance to our private Facebook group where our expert mentors can assist you with your toughest cases
Access to our mentors through the MightyNetwork phone app (to post anonymous questions)
Invitation to our revolutionary annual Live Event
A new peer-reviewed resource each week on topics requested by the members.
Access to 100+ peer-reviewed resources on topics across the lifespan and healthcare settings.
Proven templates that build your authority
Access to our nation-wide job board
Expert resumé review (stand out in a pool of applicants)
The option to receive resources and links to weekly events directly to your phone (never experience FOMO again)
Over a dozen demonstration videos so you can observe specific treatment and assessment protocols before implementing them yourself.
Accountability groups

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Students can now join to access resources and webinars at a student rate. Does not include ASHA CEUs. 

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When you take advantage of the resources and participate in group discussions, here are the results you can expect:


Confidence in your assessment and treatment skills


Improved patient outcomes


Respect from your interprofessional colleagues


Greater chances of career advancement


Greater sense of job satisfaction


Increased approvals for on-the-job requests you make

We offer weekly peer-reviewed resources, monthly two-hour webinars, ASHA CEU-eligible journal clubs, quarterly dysphagia grand rounds, a private Facebook community to discuss your toughest cases, and even a resumé review service to help you land that next dream job.

Oh, and once a year we meet live in a virtual roundtable format to earn ASHA CEUs tailored to YOUR needs. You won’t find an event like this anywhere else.

This is the only membership program of its kind for current and future med SLPs. From continuing education to accountability, we have your back.

Ultimately, we help med SLPs who feel overwhelmed by our expanding work demands achieve best practice and earn respect in the field through education and support not found anywhere else.

Here’s what a few of our members are saying:

Check out some of these awesome goals our members have achieved so far:

We dedicate our time to showing new members the ropes, answering questions, and making sure no one gets left behind when we welcome new members. This also allows you to get the most out of your membership instead of constantly being flooded with repeat questions about how things work.

We also take pride in caring for our 60+ employees and want to allow them to continue doing what they do best without constant onboarding. 

Check out some of the results our members have shared with us:

What is expert mentorship, 100+ ASHA CEUs, game-changing done-for-you in-services, and a supportive Facebook community worth?

Let’s break it down using actual data (not this arbitrary value stuff so many businesses use).

You can spend time at another hospital/facility observing a mentor outside of work hours (like I did). If the job pays $32/hour but you’re there off the clock for around 4 hours, that’s $128 of lost income in a day. 

Two-hour recorded webinars offered through a national organization cost $79 per webinar for members ($103 for non-members). Currently our webinar library is worth $2,844 (and $3,296 for students) based on their pricing.

New monthly Live webinars covering topics across the lifespan ($948/year value)

Monthly live journal clubs for 0.1 ASHA CEUs ($474 per national organization costs)

Done-for-you in-services can cost anywhere from $10-$20 depending on the information provided. We currently include 10 ready-to-use in-services in our library (way more than a $100 value when you factor in the peer-review time).

You can ask questions on other Facebook groups, but you risk feeling shamed, incompetent, or receiving suggestions not guided by three principles of clinical decision making in the context of evidence-based practice: research + clinical experience + patient preference (ASHA, n.d.)

There’s a fourth principle of best practice that we also elevate in the MedSLP Collective: cultural considerations. We formed the Diversity Collaboration Committee to make sure we’re truly serving everyone based on the individual and lived experiences, not just prescriptive research. This takes time, thought, and open discussions.

Add all of that up and you get $4,494/year and hours of unnecessary stress or misguidance.

We offer all of our peer-reviewed resources and supportive mentorship for $39/mo or $349/year.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure if I want to spend the money. Is there a refund policy?
Yes! We understand that cost can be a very real concern for anyone, but we don’t want to completely block out those who are on the fence. We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on the monthly subscription, no questions asked. You have full permission to use those 7 days to download as many resources as you want, ask questions for mentor support, and watch as many recorded webinars (and a Live Webinar if the timing is right!) that your brain can handle in one week. If you find that the cost is not feasible, we will refund you your money. As long as you get the support you need, that’s what matters.
Will this membership benefit me if I work with infants and children?
Yep! We have a group of pediatric SLP mentors who have created resources (with more resources on the way).
When are the Live webinars?
Usually, they’re scheduled for the final Wednesday of each month at 8:30 PM EST. Sometimes this changes based on speaker availability and holidays.
This sounds like an overwhelming amount of resources. Is there any guidance on how to navigate everything specific to my needs?
We hear you! Once you join the MedSLP Collective, we send you videos and guides to help you better navigate our website so you can get the most without feeling overwhelmed. We also offer a Resource Roadmap you can fill out to keep you on track and provide guidelines in the Facebook group. We are happy to provide even more support when you e-mail info@medslpcollective.com
Do I need a Facebook account to ask questions and access the mentors?
No- you can download our private forum app if you’re one of the brilliant people who has escaped Facebook. This will allow you to ask your questions anonymously and still receive detailed responses from our mentors.
How is the MedSLP Collective different from other memberships?
We are the only membership program that has paid mentors to help you navigate difficult cases and work-related situations. We pride ourselves in a no-bullying rule that has never been broken, so you don’t have to fear ‘looking dumb’ when asking a question. Our program is also the only available membership program that offers a one-of-a-kind annual Live Event unlike any other conference you’ve attended. Finally, we create peer-reviewed resources based on member’s needs that have been vetted and critiqued before landing in your inbox. This ensures high quality information that you can use the very next day.

Have Questions?

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