If you work with aphasia at all, then you know just how important family/caregiver education is!

We can do all the therapy in the world with our patients, but it won't be as profound if their loved ones inside their communication circle don't know anything about aphasia or strategies to use.

We're here to make it easier for you!

For this week's resource, the wonderful Kaitlyn Holtz has put together an informative aphasia handout to give to your patients' family members and caregivers 🫶

Download this patient-friendly document so all of the loved ones involved in your next round of aphasia therapy can understand things like…

🧠The definition and cause of aphasia
🧠Types of aphasia
🧠What aphasia can impact
🧠Tips and strategies to use with their loved one with aphasia

Here's to including loved ones in our care!

Watch the Video:


Page 17 in the Aphasia Kit