Introduction: Anomia, difficulty with word-finding, is one of the most common symptoms reported in persons with aphasia (PWA) (Fama, Hayward, Snider, Friedman, & Turkeltaub, 2017). There are a number of word finding therapies, however, the majority of these focus on picture naming or single-word noun retrieval (Kiran & Bassetto, 2008), approaches that show limited generalization to untrained items (Nickels, 2002). The purpose of this resource is to describe the background and theoretical basis for VNeST.

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Verb Network Strengthening Treatment (VNeST) is a semantic treatment for aphasia, developed by Lisa Edmonds, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Edmonds, 2014a). VNeST is a verb-focused treatment and has been shown to promote specific and generalized word retrieval skills (Edmonds, Mammino, & Ojeda, 2014). The purpose of this resource is to provide a step-by-step guide for providing the treatment. Note that when completing the VNeST protocol, it is not necessary to follow the procedure step-by-step every single time. Rather, it is important to understand the theory behind the steps and adjust for your patient as needed (Edmonds, 2014b).

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