Aphasia is a condition that speech-language pathologists will regularly encounter in the acute care setting. With estimates suggesting that anywhere between 15% to 42% of acute stroke survivors experience language impairment, clinicians working in acute care are well-positioned to be some of the first providers to deliver aphasia education and management for a person newly diagnosed with aphasia (Dickey et al, 2010; Inatomi et al., 2008; Kadojic et al., 2012; Mitchell et al., 2021; Ryglewicz et al., 2000). However, speech-language pathologists report that aphasia management challenges in the acute care setting include time restraints and short admission stays (Hickey et al., 2019). This resource is designed to introduce clinicians to a variety of aphasia management approaches suitable for the acute care setting, as well as highlight priorities of an acute care stay before a person with aphasia is discharged to the next level of care.

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