Get answers to the questions of Medical Speech-Language Pathologists that demand to know how to *BE* more successful. 

We created an Introduction to Leadership Skill Development for MedSLPs mini-course to help you make simple changes in your professional life.

We want to help you get that raise, start that new project, or even decide to be your own boss.

Anyone can change to be THE BEST they can be with the proper support and guidance.

So, it is obvious that we have a leadership problem in our field. What do I mean by that?

I often have SLPs asking me…

“How do I get a raise?”

“How do I get a promotion?”

“How do I move into more advanced positions?”

“I want to be a Director, an Administrator, a Vice President, a private practice owner, or maybe even just a HIGHLY respected SLP! So where do I even start?”

“Can an SLP even do those things?”

The ANSWER is a resounding YES.

 Don’t get me wrong… if your dream is to be the BEST school based SLP that you can be, then that is what I want you to BE.

If your dream is to work PRN 20 hours a week at the local hospital, then that is what I want you to BE.

Remember, even if you decide that you never are going to pursue leadership positions you are often the *ONLY* SLP around.

You will be advocating for your patients.

You will be asking for instrumentals.

You will be helping to arrange contracts in your facility.

You will be supervising graduate students and new grads.

You can’t escape the mantle of leadership.

I had a wise mentor once tell me that I have to stop DOING things and start BEING the MedSLP that my patients deserve.

And I want you to start *BEING* that MedSLP too.

If you are limiting the scope of your dreams because you don’t think you have the skills to do the BIGGER more LEADERSHIP oriented  jobs, then I want to help you overcome the barriers that are keeping you from making that leap.

I want to introduce you to some verifiable truths about leadership and BEcoming a leader.

We've all heard the myth: “People are natural leaders.”

But I'm here to tell you they aren’t.

I also want you to understand that luck is real, but it is not what you may think it is. 

“Luck” can be made.
The luckiest among us know this to be true.

So often we work in environments where our skills as SLPs are talked about as if they are “second class.”

It seems like the physical therapist, or the occupational therapist, or the nurse gets that leadership role before we do.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are MANY successful SLPs that are in higher level leadership.

There are MANY SLPs that own their own companies.

There are many SLPs that have overcome the same fears that you have right now to become leaders in our field, or in related fields.

Do you even know who you are?

Do you even know what makes you happy at work?

In your personal life?

So many people are living the DREAMS of other people.

Their patient’s dreams.

Their spouses' dreams.

Their bosses dreams.

The dreams of the owner of the company.

Do you feel like you have a dream that you are not pursuing?

Have you really sat down and reflected on why?

What is keeping you from pursuing that dream?

The world needs innovators.

The world needs new ideas.

When you don’t pursue your dreams then you are not only denying yourself, but potentially denying the world of that next GREAT idea.

When you get out of your own and focus on all of the patients that you can help, the world opens up for you.

You have a moral and ethical responsibility to help those that need the services and knowledge that you can provide.

Through the resources in The MedSLP Collective, you can practice at the TOP of your license.

The MedSLP Collective will teach you to use the skills you have as an SLP to PROPEL yourself forward.

The mentors inside the Medical SLP Collective will guide you and help you quickly find the paths that they themselves took to be successful.

Imagine the time you can put into being a better “you”, if you don’t have to think about where you are going to get the things you need to do your job well.

That is what The MedSLP Collective is all about.

Now, I’ve got something for you, if you’re interested in taking your medical SLP career to the next level.

It’s time to improve your leadership skills and take control of your career.

Building a fulfilling Medical SLP career is reliant upon you making the right choices and having the resources to make those choices.

It's about choosing to do the work to be competent and confident.

Because your career is your choice.

I’ve never made an offer like I’m about to make to you.

I’ve never shared this information with anyone besides those medical SLPs that I’ve mentored inside my 8-month Inner Circle leadership group or my FEES Biz clients who pay me thousands of dollars to have me mentor them.

Obviously, these are just a few of the tools…

However, these are some of the most important tools for increasing authority and establishing yourself as a leader in your setting and with your patients.

Introducing: The Leadership Skill Development Mini-Course for Medical SLPs

Inside of this action-packed training, we show you:


The Qualities of a Leader


How There is No Such Thing as Luck


Different Styles of Leadership and How There’s No One Right Answer


The Importance of Your Brand


How to Seek Solutions Instead of Finding Problems


How to Find Mentors to Help You on Your Path

 Plus, I’m giving you the workbook and the exact planner that I use daily to help you implement all of this immediately.

In total, this training is going to give you everything you need to allow you to step in to your new role with competence AND confidence.

The Medical SLP Collective provides you with the knowledge you need to become *competent.*

Leadership skill training provides you with the tools you need to become *confident.*

When I thought about giving this to anyone…

I thought of what price would make sense…

I started with $497…

And it's honestly worth that to help advance your career and improve your patient's outcomes…

But right now… I want to offer it to you for $97 $47.

This is a simple “yes” if you have the desire to advance your career.

If you know much about me, I help medical SLPs improve their confidence and competence to get better outcomes for their patients, and I have a super solid track record.


And as a added bonus… on top of this…

completely for FREE…

I’m also going to include the workbook and exact planner that I use to map out my goals and action steps

Print out the workbook and planner at home, send it to a fancy print shop, or use it on your favorite device as it comes as a fillable PDF.

The Leadership Workbook

Each module comes with activities inside of the accompanying workbook so you can implement the tools we've given you with ease. 

Allow yourself some time to really deep dive in to each workbook section and be honest with yourself.

  • How often do we allow ourselves to dream?
  • How often to we give ourselves permission to achieve big goals?
  • How often do we sit and write out the action steps needed to get there?
  • Did you know future thinking is one of the most energizing things you can do for yourself?

This workbook will guide you through the questions you should ask yourself to get to where you want to be in your professional life (which quite frankly impacts your satisfaction with your personal life as well. 

The Leadership Planner

Additionally, you will also receive the planner that I created for my own personal use, and now I want to pass it on to *YOU*

I've used so many different high performance and productivity planners throughout the last few years, but the truth is… we're medical SLPs, our days are dictated by our clients and the patients we serve.

I wanted to create a planner that would allow you to dream, that would allow you to write down the action steps needed to get there, but also not make you feel guilty if you didn't complete each day to the exact minute that other planners ask of you.

Progress happens when you do little things often.

It doesn't have to be these big insurmountable goals, rather little activities done well every day add up to success.

The compound effect of small tasks done is vastly underestimated.

Did your patient cancel? Or you have to wait for PT to finish with that patient?

Open your planner and take 10 minutes to complete one of the action steps that move you closer to your goals.

Do this a few times per week, and you are that much closer to accomplishing what you were made to do.

As you get in the habit of opening your planner during your down time and working towards one your action steps, you will notice that you don’t need to rely on social media or TV to escape your reality.

You can create your own reality when you have a plan and the support you need to get there.

Here's a news flash: if you miss a day in your planner, you can move on to the next day and start fresh, and no one will ever know.. it can be our little secret!

Or when life just gets absolutely crazy, the fillable PDF pages will allow you to just delete that day. Delete and move onward and upward.

How many resources and webinars in the MedSLP Collective have you been wanting to work through but just couldn't seem to make the time?

This planner was created for that purpose.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Map out the resources and webinars you want to complete using the accompanying checklist, and write out the action steps to work through them.

You deserve this, and so do your patients.

Meet Your Instructors

Theresa Richard, MA, CCC-SLP is a Board Certified Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders and an ASHA approved CEU provider. After falling in love with the skilled nursing setting, she founded Mobile Dysphagia Diagnostics, a mobile FEES company that has serviced over 100 SNFs and has also helped over 90 SLPs start, grow, and scale their own mobile FEES businesses through her FEES Biz Blueprint course.

In witnessing the desire for further education from medical SLPs, she created the Swallow Your Pride podcast which has over 2.5 million downloads. She was invited to present at the Charleston Swallowing Conference on blogs and podcasts and has been asked to be an invited keynote speaker for several state conventions this year. She also served as past President of the Nevada Speech & Hearing Association.

Theresa created the Medical SLP Collective which currently has over 5,000 members and began employing and contracting with over 60 SLPs and support staff. She provides career and business coaching for SLPs through her Inner Circle leadership group, and has been featured in Authority Magazine and Thrive Global.

Theresa continues to work tirelessly to advocate for patients with swallowing disorders and was invited to contribute to 2 papers for the Dysphagia journal this year on assessing and treating dysphagia during COVID, and is excited to share the upcoming release of her new book for patients with dysphagia that will be available later this year.

After graduation from Valdosta State university in 1998 and completion of his Clinical Fellowship Year in The Dublin City School system in Dublin, GA, Vince Clark, M. Ed., CCC/SLP, went to work with Integra Rehabilitation, the rehab arm of a large healthcare system in GA from 1999 to 2018.

During that time he assumed the various roles of Staff Clinician, Director of Rehab, Recruiter, Statewide Traveler, Internal Dysphagia Consultant, Administrator of the FEES statewide project, and finally statewide Director of Dysphagia Services for all providers in the system. Those roles allowed him to lead multi-disciplinary SNF teams and develop a FEES program that is still self-sustaining and ongoing today.

His history of participation in the Georgia Speech-Language Hearing Association is extensive (Convention Co-Chair, Chair, President, CEU Chair, Multiple Committees since 2005) and stretches over a 15 + year period. Vince desired to move more into the business side of the SLP world and assumed a job in 2019 as the “brand ambassador” for Carolina Speech Pathology and NDOHD.

Currently, Vince is working as a consultant with The MedSLP Collective, Ampcare LLC, and occasionally helps Dr. Eric Blicker with FEES training of scope passes.

An Introduction to Leadership Skill Development for Medical SLPs

Inside of this action-packed mini-course, we show you:


Module 1



Module 2: Qualities of a Leader: Leadership is Learned and Cultivated

Workbook: What makes you a leader?


Module 3: There’s No Such Thing as Luck


Module 4: Styles of Leadership: What kind of leader are you?

Workbook: Assess your traits


Module 5: The Importance of Your Brand


Module 6: Seeking Solutions: Don’t Search for Problems


Module 7: Continuing Growth: Mentorship

I’ll be sending you more details via email along with your bonus workbook and planner right away.

I can’t wait to see you inside.