Video Guide + WORKSHEET

How to Obtain a

Medical CF

A medical clinical fellowship (CF) can feel like a carrot dangling on a stick…

Especially if you didn’t get any medical SLP rotations in grad school.

The good news is that support is available for you!

If you’re an SLP student with the goal of obtaining a medical CF without the elusive carrot-on-a-stick feeling, we have something for you.

Not one, but two med SLPs have put together a valuable 30-minute presentation with worksheets containing resources and tips on this very topic, titled How to Obtain a Medical CF.

you can access a FREE 30-minute presentation with tips and ResourceS on:

State networking opportunities available to SLP students

At least three resources for finding medical CF positions

What to consider when reviewing CF positions or job offers

Amanda Weissberg, MS CCC-SLP

Amanda Weissberg (aka @millenialmedslp on Instagram) has five years of experience as an acute care speech pathologist treating medically complex patient populations. She has worked within a continuum of medical settings: skilled nursing facilities, sub-acute, inpatient rehabilitation, and acute care (including critical care). She currently works as a per-diem acute care speech pathologist within two hospitals in Dallas, TX.

Kahla Graham, M.S. CCC-SLP, BCS-S

Kahla is an SLP, Board Certified Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (BCS-S), and PhD student in Dr. Bonnie Martin-Harris’ Swallowing Cross-Systems Collaborative at Northwestern University. She completed her Clinical Fellowship at the University of Texas Medical Branch and continued her career as a medical Speech-Language Pathologist and clinical supervisor within the acute care setting, working for over 5 years before pursuing her PhD under the mentorship of Dr. Martin-Harris.

Together, Amanda and Kahla offered this presentation Live during our 2022 Professional Growth mini-summit.

The only way to access each presentation from any of our previous summits is to join the MedSLP Collective.

However, if you missed the Professional Growth Summit and want to just  focus on how to obtain a medical clinical fellowship then you can grab this helpful guide  for FREE (no membership required)!

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future med SLP job now: