Give the Gift of Medical SLP Support

Gift Card Subscriptions to the MedSLP Collective now available!

Rolling into a healthcare facility in a fresh pair of scrubs while changing lives is the ultimate dream for Med SLPs.

But in reality, a lot of Med SLPs feel like they roll into something they didn’t sign up for while still trying to learn how to appropriately assess and treat each patient on their overflowing caseload. Even a fresh pair of scrubs can’t fix that.

If you have a friend or colleague who’s in that ☝️ boat, or you know a student who you want to PREVENT from boarding that boat, we have something you can give to them that will brighten their day (or year):

A Gift Subscription to the MedSLP Collective

Student Membership Gift Card

Does not include ASHA CEUs, Continuing Education Testing or certificates.   

Clinician Membership Gift Card

Includes all features of the Medical SLP Collective Membership.  View more info here.

Select who you want to give a gift card to, then choose the subscription option you’d like to give them!

Once you submit your payment, we’ll send you a custom gift certificate to give to your student or clinician.

And just like that, another med SLP or student will know that someone has their back 🫶