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30 blind editorial reviewed resources written by 15 contributors with over 150 references to support its contents.

24 blind editorial reviewed resources with references to give you a firm starting place when assessing your little ones.

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Enrollment opens August 29!

Does any of this sound like you?

  • I didn’t get enough medical training in grad school to confidently work in the medical setting…
  • I get nervous when I work with medically complex patients, because I’m worried I’ll screw up…
  • I don’t always feel like I know what I’m doing at work…
  • I want to transition into the medical setting, but have no clue where to start…

First and foremost, you’re not alone.

Thousands of SLPs have felt this way.

That’s exactly why we’ve spent years creating, improving, and re-shaping this
online community specifically for current and future medical SLPs.

When you enroll in the MedSLP Collective, you’ll get instant access to things like…

  • A new resource every single week dedicated to a specific med SLP topic (some of our most popular topics include labs and imaging for SLPs and the cranial nerve exam pocket guide)
  • Monthly Live webinars and an entire library of recorded webinars.
  • Quarterly Dysphagia Grand Rounds – where our mentors share some of their most challenging dysphagia cases and walk you through their entire thought process for assessment and treatment planning.
  • A judgment free private online community – where you can ask any question you have about current cases you’re working on, research, and anything else you need guidance on.
  • …And SO much more.

We asked our members what they loved the
most about the MedSLP Collective….

here’s a snippet of their responses:

Enrollment opens August 29!

A MedSLP Community That Values Support, Quality, Growth, and Success.

Core Values

We are committed to:


Providing our members with support through a dedicated team of mentors, a strong community of Med SLPs, ongoing encouragement, and a judgement-free atmosphere.


Providing the highest quality evidence-based practice and constantly growing our knowledge base to improve our competency.


Growing the Med SLP impact and influence through advocacy, self-respect, diversity, raising the bar of ethical practice, responsibility, and integrity while challenging the status quo.


Taking complete ownership of our learning, critical thinking, and roadmaps to the success of our patients and our careers.

Our Manifesto

We are committed to:

  • Maintaining a supportive and encouraging judgement-free online community.
  • Honoring when we need to ask for help from a dedicated team of mentors.
  • Providing the highest quality evidence-based practice.
  • Growing our knowledge base to improve competency.
  • Raising the bar of ethical practice with responsibility and integrity.
  • Earning mutual respect while challenging the status quo.
  • Growing our influence and impact through advocacy and self-respect.
  • Succeeding in our patient's care by taking ownership of our full scope of practice.
  • Taking complete ownership of our learning and our patients journey to success

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