Free Journal Club – Preparing to Serve TGNC Communities in Medical Settings – Journal Club

Presented by: AC Goldberg PhD, CCC-SLP and Jessica Lasky, MS, CCC-SLP

After this webinar you will be able to:


  • Learners will identify three barriers to care transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) people face.

  • Learners will list steps to mitigate barriers within clinical settings.

  • Learners will describe the necessary steps to increase culturally responsive practices.

Watch the Recording:

Articles for Discussion:

 Articles: Safer, J. D., Coleman, E., Feldman, J., Garofalo, R., Hembree, W., Radix, A., & Sevelius, J. (2016). Barriers to healthcare for transgender individuals. Current opinion in endocrinology, diabetes, and obesity23(2), 168–171.

Matthews, J. J., Olszewski, A., & Petereit, J. (2020). Knowledge, Training, and Attitudes of Students and Speech-Language Pathologists About Providing Communication Services to Individuals Who Are Transgender. American journal of speech-language pathology29(2), 597–610.

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