Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Resources and Webinars

Being an effective medical SLP is so much more than clinical data. First and foremost, we must consider the human. As educators and clinicians who serve diverse populations, we are dedicated to constantly growing, teaching, and learning how to better serve and support all individuals of any race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexuality, ability, socioeconomic status, religion/spirituality, age, and any intersection not listed.

Below you will find our library of resources and webinars dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you have suggestions for resources and future speakers, we encourage you to fill out the request form here.


3-Part Webinar Series: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as an SLP

Maria Morgan, a lawyer and DEI consultant specializing in health care equity, guides us through three topics including structural racism in healthcare and ways to address it, how to include and lead with empathy, and how to tie that deeper understanding of others’ lived experiences into culturally competent communication.


Religious Considerations for the SLP

Introduction: As speech-language pathologists (SLPs), it is important to consider the religious backgrounds of our patients and how religion may play a role in their life. This resource is a brief guide for SLPs containing religious...

Interpretation Service FAQ

Introduction:As speech-language pathologists (SLPs), we are often working with patients who speak a language different from our own. This FAQ will provide SLPs with a reference, including tips, for use of interpretation services....

Medical Setting AAC Boards (English & Spanish)

Introduction:The following augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) boards were developed for use in medical settings with patients unable to communicate verbally. The number scale on the left of the board is intended to...

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