Leadership Pathway

23 steps

What does leadership look like for an SLP?

Here are some real examples from our members:

  • Advocating for patients 
  • Starting a tracheostomy team
  • Creating a dysphagia support group
  • Advancing to a director role in your facility
  • Educating medical staff
  • Getting budget requests approved for better equipment and materials

All of this can feel impossible at first, particularly when you’re up against administrative barriers or may have had no formal training in this area. But you know what? SLPs deserve a seat at the leadership table just as much as anyone else!

Use this roadmap as your MedSLP Collective guide towards gaining knowledge and tools in leadership areas like…

  • Advocating for instrumental exams
  • How to start a journal club and/or support group
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and rapport building
  • Clinical education and supervision
  • SLPs as advocates, activists, and aides
  • And more!

SLPs are so much more than clinicians. We’re leaders in our scope of practice and patient advocates for life’s greatest gifts. Start your leadership journey right here.


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