Three years ago,

we hosted our first-ever Live Event.


It. Was. Awesome.

Tons of MedSLP Collective members showed up.

They joined rich and diverse interactive learning opportunities.

And they connected with our mentors and other members in ways that left us all feeling motivated to conquer the medical SLP world (with knowledge, compassion, and support).

Oh…they also got to walk away with 1.4 ASHA CEUs under their belt! (AND a free swag bag)

Thank you to our Sponsors

Thank you to our Skills Fair Donors

What’s the Skills Fair?

Listening to SLPs discuss therapy techniques is one thing…

But actually SEEING and PRACTICING it? That’s where the real magic happens.

The Skills Fair will allow you to get hands on with new-to-you therapy skills and techniques so you can go from “huh?” to “holy moly!” in a matter of minutes.

Want to implement EMST, eye-gaze AAC, or speaking valves in your practice but have NO idea how it’s actually done?

See it in action and practice it at our Skills Fair!

Actually USE sEMG devices on yourself, see what NMES feels like…

Practice those tracheostomy, FEES, and MBS interpretation skills so you’re not like how so many of us were when we started out – shaking in our scrubs and feeling like we had no idea what we were doing!

The official Skills Fair lineup is still in the works – we’ll announce it as soon as we have everything finalized!

    Why roundtable discussions instead of 1-hour lectures all day?

    We do roundtable discussions because you DESERVE a seat at the table. No one will be talking at you or down to you. Instead, they will be working with you to expand your knowledge, skills, and confidence.

    Past roundtable topics included:


    • ICU
    • Pediatric
    • Aphasia 
    • Voice Disorders
    • Head and neck cancer
    • Home Health
    • AAC
    • Cognitive/Communication
    • MBSimp
    • FEES
    • TBI
    • Dementia
    • Leadership
    • Interprofessional collaboration

    Here’s what others have said about our past Collective Live Events: