You Chose Clinical Experience!

 This is something close to my heart and what I’ve relied on multiple times in the past. Recognizing and learning from your clinical experience is critical, and I applaud you for implementing it in your practice. One thing that I’ve had to learn the hard way, however, is that clinical experience is not the only thing we should be relying on. From lacking clinical experience at the beginning of our careers to acknowledging when our clinical experience is in fact NOT best practice, it sort of feels like the moving target of EBP.  

I share my personal experiences with this in my upcoming 3-day workshop, along with so much important information to help you better identify and implement all three components of evidence-based practice instead of falling into the all-to-common trap of relying on just ONE component for most of your work. It’s too easy to rely more on clinical experience the more we’re in the field and repeat the same assessment and treatment practices for years to come. Sometimes our clinical experience simply becomes a habit. We’re not the only ones guilty of this- physicians and other medical professionals are constantly needing to change their practice to evolve and align their clinical experience with the other two components of EBP: research and patient preference. 

So how do we consistently include all each component of evidence-based practice in order to give our patients truly the best outcomes?



Find out with me August 30th through September 1st.

I invite you to my 6 hour ASHA CEU journey where you can learn the details of EBP and walk away with actionable items to grow your skills, improve your patients’ outcomes, and earn more respect among your interprofessional colleagues.

You can register now for $47.

Usually, 6 hours worth of ASHA CEUs is more expensive than that, but this isn’t about the money. I want to make these 3 days accessible and provide even MORE value than the cost itself.

Join me and hundreds of your colleagues as we come together to continue building what we build best: True evidence-based practice.