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We hire and pay Med SLPs from all over the U.S.

It’s what truly makes this a collective.

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Ways you can work with us (and get paid)

Resource creator

Work with our editorial review team to create a high-quality, evidence-packed, clinically applicable resource on a specific MedSLP topic for our Collective members!


If you’re all about helping other Med SLPs in a way that’s built upon the evidence-based triad and oozes compassion, then we have thousands of Med SLPs waiting for you.

Reviewer & editor

Review, edit, and enhance resource and webinar drafts based on your areas of expertise to ensure our published resources are high quality and up-to-date.

Webinar presenter

Passionate and knowledgable about a topic but only want to present for one hour? Get paid to be one of our Summit presenters – where MedSLPs from around the globe can learn from you for FREE!

Graphic design

Are you skilled at painting messages through graphic visuals and grabbing people’s attention with design? Come be the MedSLP Bob Ross for us!

One final and important word:

We are an inclusive and non-discriminatory workplace of all races, religions, genders, age, sexual orientation, parental status, and identities. We do not tolerate discrimination of any form and are dedicated to creating a welcoming and safe environment for all people who work with and learn from us.