Anti-Racism Policy

Structural racism has caused harm in our society and within our healthcare systems. To effectively live the Medical SLP Collective core values of Support, Quality, Growth, and Success, we are committed to anti-racism in our practices, community, and leadership. We aim to do this at all levels of our organization by systematically and regularly evaluating our resources, calling in and calling on our fellow SLPs, addressing the impacts of health inequities, and modifying our practices as needed by actively learning from those with lived experiences.

We acknowledge that our efforts for diversity, equity, and inclusion are built upon the foundation of work that others have done over the years, and we commit to uplifting, trusting, and valuing the lived experiences of the people most impacted by structural racism. We accept the challenge to foster a culture of equity, inclusion, and belonging within the Medical SLP Collective; this includes working towards approaches where those that are most impacted are a part of leading, identifying solutions, setting priorities, and creating policies and practices that disrupt structural racism and shift the narrative.