The purpose of this content is to provide a basic starting point for references to acoustic and aerodynamic measures of the adult voice, perceptual correlates, and current normative data. This resource is not comprehensive, as normative data will vary based on the equipment used to collect the data and the specific program used to run the data (e.g., PENTAX Medical Computerized Speech Lab vs Praat vs Phonanium). The reader is expected to have some familiarity with the topic of acoustic and aerodynamic measures, as well as normative data interpretation. Normative data in this resource will be indicated by age (if applicable) and gender. When available, gender neutral (GN) norms will be included. While the information and norms outlined in this resource are current as of October 2022 it should be noted that there is variation in normative data based on reference source. Some of these variations are outlined in this document (e.g., Grey et al., 2018 and Davies et al., 2015 data for fo), but as stated above, this list is not comprehensive, but meant to give the reader a starting point.

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